Vision and Mission

Since 1983, the Outer Islands Development Corporation (OIDC) which is under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office (Rodrigues, Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity) is responsible for the management and development of the Outer Islands namely Agalega and St Brandon. During the past years the focus of development has been on Agalega. Over the years, the Corporation has emerged as a socio-economic organization. It ensures not only the employees but all the residents of Agalega, including personnel of Ministries/ Departments on tour of service over there, by providing them with decent accommodation, water, electricity, facilitating services such as health, education, etc and ensuring a timely and adequate food supplies and other provisions to the inhabitants.

Vision Statement

  • To encourage IT skills for the daily use of internet services.
  • To magnify the vision of blue economy – the fishing sector.
  • To exploit the physical location of Agalega in the mid of Indian Ocean – future tourist visits.
  • To promote peace and security of the inhabitants.
  • To develop eco-tourism with the execution of improvement of sea and air infrastructure and connectivity.
  • To redefine the key role to be played by different stakeholders at the social, economic and political level.
  • OIDC will be an organization recognized for its excellence in the field of Outer Islands Development.
  • It will constitute a pool of knowledge gained through extensive research and transferable experience relative to all issues pertaining to the Outer Islands.
  • The organization will act as a facilitator.


Mission Statement

  • ​ To enhance swift communication.
  • To foster bio-production by preserving the virgin eco-system.
  • To initiate actions in line with future development – airstrip and jetty project.
  • OIDC is a parastatal organization responsible for the management and development of the islands forming part and parcel of the Republic of Mauritius.
  • Our mission is to contribute to the National Interest and Integrity through our valuable presence and the projection of our work to even the most remote of our islands.
  • We endeavor to promote social, environmental and humanitarian development.


  • The objective of the Corporation is to promote social, environmental and human development.
  • To contribute to the upgrading of the living condition of the inhabitants of Agalega.
  • To ensure that law and order is maintained at the Outer Islands forming part of the territorial area of the Republic of Mauritius.
  • To contribute to the economy of Mauritius.
  • To promote and contribute towards sustainable development by the use of renewable energy and the development of such activities that will lead to more economic exploitation of the Outer Islands.




  • Physical location of Agalega in the mid of Indian Ocean is a landmark zone for subsequent development. It is ideal to facilitate movement of ships for commercial and other purposes.
  • With the completion of the major project, Airstrip and Jetty connectivity, other side businesses can boost up the level of economic activities.
  • The abundance of coconut trees is a ‘God given gift’. Its expansion in terms of coconut oil and other by-products is lucrative.
  • Availability of fish around Agalega. This feature can easily attract investors in the fishing sector.
  • Exploitation of Joint Management Area (Mauritius and Seychelles Continental Shelf), especially in commercial fishing. The area is found between Agalega and Seychelles.
  • Its physical location (10° 20 South of Equator) gives scope for the operation of a Solar Farm and Photovoltaic system.
  • To preserve its virgin state, Bio-products such as onion, bee-keeping, others factors remaining the same, can be extended to a large scale. A pilot project in that sense was a success.
  • Agaleans are skillful at sea. This characteristic can be optimized to promote Industrial Fishing. It appeals to investors.
  • St Brandon is a rich zone with plenty of fish which is easily accessible to local investors.
  • The EEZ near St Brandon can be used to exploit sea weeds in the making of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, paying particular attention to eco-system. Assistance can be sought from Ministry of blue-economy.



  • Dornier flight can only land at Agalega, especially in case of emergency. Flights with bigger capacity cannot land for the time being.
  • Agalega is deprived of adequate Medical treatment. Health care centers have limited facilities.
  • In times of rough sea, it is difficult for ships to unload material and food provision. Ships have to stay away for several days until sea conditions ameliorate.
  • When disembarkation is done from the eastern side of Agalega, it becomes a meaningful challenge for skippers to operate as there is no jetty.
  • MV Trochetia is the only ship chartered to carry food provision to Agalega which is done on a quarterly interval.
  • The emerging number of employees on medical treatment from Agalega to the mainland hinders daily operation at Agalega.
  • During bad weather conditions which last for more than a week secondary school students cannot attend school from the South Island. Even employees cannot travel to North Island.
  • The monthly arrival of MV Trochetia these days is a big challenge for our employees. They are engaged in the disembarkation exercise. The daily tasks performed by our employees on the island remains on a stand-by mode. OIDC devises subsequent plan for daily operation though it is very difficult.



  • Abundant fish over the region of Agalega and St Brandon
  • Skillful labour force that can be deployed at sea
  • Artisanal/ handicraft works
  • Long term plan

→ A bunkering development

→ Eco-tourism

  • Medium term

→ Hydroponic system

→ Solar Farm

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