Projects 2012 – 2013

  1. Construction of three quarters – 1100 sq.ft – two on North Island and One on South Island
    The contract was awarded in November 2011 and works started in December 2011.
    In May and July 2012, two of the buildings were completed at 100% and is actually occupied by our employee.
    The third building could not be completed due to lack of building materials, especially purlins and roofing sheets which returned in Mauritius in February 2012, has been completed in October 2013.
    The overall cost of the projects was Rs 3.9 million including labour cost and building materials.
  2. Renovation of three quarters at South Island
    The labour cost of the project was Rs 465,000 and the contract was awarded in March 2012.
    The first building of 2400 sq.ft has already been renovated at 100% and already delivered to occupant.
    Due to work that was in progress in second building, it was decided not to proceed with the third building as it was not cost effective
  3. Construction of Refugee Centre at South Island
    The Contract was awarded in August 2012.
    The budget for this project is Rs 11 million spread over 2 years – 2011 and 2012.
    The foundation works were completed in October 2012 and block making started as soon as building materials reached South Island.
    Works are in progress, columns have already been casted and laying of blocks have started in March 2013.
    So far the building is at 55% completed; works are expected to be completed in July 2014.
    Delay is due to the backfilling.
  4. Construction of two Duplexes – North Island
    A sum of Rs 2.9 million was budgeted for the construction of the two duplexes at North Island.
    The letter of award was issued in August 2012 and works started in September 2012.
    Construction is completed as at date.
  5. Repairs of jetty at La Fourche Village
    Following a report received from the Resident Manager on the condition of the jetty at Agalega, it was noted that the jetty needed immediate repairs especially for the November 2012 voyage.
    Views of a Geotechnical engineer was sought where appropriate recommendations were made.
    The local labour force on the island were entrusted the works and the repairs had been carried out.
    Such works is of a short term basis and it is envisaged to construct a new jetty.
  6. Construction of an Office Block at La Fourche Village
    With the local labour force on the island, a new office block of 150sq.ft had been constructed with concrete walls and iron sheets roofing.
  7. Upgrading of Toilet Block and Store + Fencing – Agalega Primary School, North island
    Representations were received from staff of the Ministry of Education and H R to upgrade the toilet block at North Island.
    The works have been entrusted to our local masons and same have been completed in mid-August 2013.
  8. Construction of a Fuel Shed for Jet A1 at Airport Compound
    Following various suggestions made by the National Coast Guard regarding the condition of storing Jet A1 fuel on the island, it was decided to construct a proper well ventilated store to house the drums to avoid contamination.
    A fuel shed for Jet A1 has already been completed at the airport compound to store some 100 drums of Jet A 1 drums.
  9. Leisure Park at Agalega
    The Employees Welfare Fund is financing the project to the tune of Rs 1 million.
    The works have been entrusted to the local people on the islands.
    Materials and equipment have already been shipped to the island. The works are in progress as actual date.
  10. Fish ‘Berri Rouge’ at North Island in normal water
    In November 2012 voyage, a batch of 500 juvenile ‘berry rouge’ donated by the Ministry of Fisheries were sent to Agalega to be reared in ‘Bassin Cappuccin’ at North Island.
    A second batch of 200 was sent in June 2013.
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