National Coast Guard (NCG)
Four NCG officers are at present stationed in St. Brandon on a permanent basis. The NCG is equipped with one pirogue to carry out surveillance within the lagoon. The Coast Guard Aircraft “Dornier” carries out regular aerial surveillance of St. Brandon and the adjoining areas. The Coast Guard ship, CGS Guardian patrol the St. Brandon group of islets regularly.
Meteorological Services
The most important island, Ile Raphael, is used as a base for the Meteorological Station. St. Brandon happens to be at the cross roads of tropical cyclone which eventually affect Mauritius, Rodrigues and Tromelin, hence its vital importance for weather observations.
Civil Aviation
The Department of Civil Aviation has installed a remote Very High Frequency (VHF) station on Ile Raphael. The station provided VHF air/ground coverage for communications between the Area Control Centre in Plaisance and aircraft in the Mauritian airspace within a radius of 250 nautical miles centre on Ile Raphael. The remote VHF is linked with Plaisance via satellite. A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) equipment comprising a parabolic antenna is also installed on Ile Raphael to facilitate communications with Plaisance.
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