However, Agalega faces its own specific problems caused by such factors as smallness, remoteness, geographical location, frail ecosystems, lack of regular transport and communication, poor natural resources, limited fresh water supplies and heavy dependence on imports from Mauritius.
Quite from the outset it is important to note that thanks to Agalega, Mauritius covers an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of some to 2 million sq.km. and is therefore an important maritime state.
Jetty at North Islands
In North West part of the North Island of Agalega, is found a jetty made of concrete and a mobile crane to handle cargo. Exposed to unfavourable oceanographical conditions coupled with insufficient depth the jetty cannot afford alongside berthing facilities for discharge of cargo. Vessels therefore have to anchor at about 300 meters from the jetty and cargo handling as well as disembarkation of passengers takes place in the open seas. Barges ply between the anchorage and the jetty.
Port St. James at La Fourche Village – North Islands

Colas S.A constructed the current airstrip in 1986. The pavement was built with crushed coral rocks, material that was dredged from the lagoon in Agalega. However, with time the state of the runway deteriorated either through wear and tear.

Airstrip at North Islands

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