Projects 2013 – 2014

  1. Construction of Four (4) Duplexes at Agalega
    A sum of Rs 6.0 (m) was earmarked for the construction of 4 duplexes type quarters.
    Two (2) at North Island and two (2) at South Island.
    The works were entrusted to the local inhabitants on the island.
    Works started in June 2014 and as at date one quarter is at 70% completed, second one at 50% and for the third one, excavation and steel preparation has been completed. The casting of base will start soon. The fourth one has not yet started.
    So far an amount of Rs 3,083,252.22 has been spent on building materials and Rs 201,412.58 for labour.
    The completion is expected by 31st December 2014.
  2. Construction of Fire Fighting Shed
    An amount of Rs 2.0 (m) was budgeted for the year 2014. 
    Building materials to the tune of Rs 959,515.31 has been shipped by August 2014 voyage.
    Construction will start soon by the local inhabitants.
  3. Construction of Warehouse
    An amount of Rs 11,500,000 was budgeted for the year 2014 for the construction of four (4) warehouses at Agalega of about 3500 sq.ft.
    The design and the BOQ have already been worked out and building materials to the tune of Rs 1,096,726.90 were shipped in August 2014.
    Construction will start soon by local inhabitants.
  4. Purchase of Vehicle and Equipment
    A sum of Rs 9.0 (m) was earmarked for the purchase of equipment and vehicles.
    One 16–Seater Van to the tune of Rs 1,027,250 has already been purchased and sent to Agalega in august 2014.
  5. The following contract has already been awarded and the item will be shipped to Agalega in November 2014 voyage.
    2 units Tipping Trailers
    1 unit Forklift
    1 unit Outboard Motors
    2 units Tractors
    1 unit Rotary Slasher ( not yet awarded)
  6. Sewerage System
    An amount of Rs 1.0 (m) was earmarked in the 2014 budget for a sewerage system at Agalega.
    Septic tanks to the tune of Rs 196,799.96 have already been shipped to Agalega so far and are being installed.
  7. Construction of a Cold Room
    An amount of Rs 3.0 (m) was earmarked in the 2014 budget for a Cold Room at Agalega.
    In year 2014, the Corporation will construct a refrigerated room on the island to store perishable items like flour, products, pulses and vegetables. Given that these items are perishable and they did not last long in between voyages.
  8.  Agalega Airstrip
    The project is concerned with the upgrading of the Agalega airstrip. The airstrip was constructed in Year 1985 and is actually in a deteriorating state. It has to be resurfaced to allow safe landing and take-off of planes such as ‘Dornier’ and the ATR 72.
    The length of the airstrip is 1300mts and the width is 30mts. It is proposed to overlay 50mm of asphaltic concrete on the top surface.
    The scope of works reads as follows:
    (i) Grading, re-profiling and stretching of the existing runway.
    (ii) Overlay of 50 mm of asphaltic concrete.
    (iii) Construction of a new taxiway and apron.
    (iv) Provision of runway and safety areas.
    (v) Site clearance and falling of trees.
    (vi) Set up of a small terminal and control tower.
    (vii) Provision for night landing.
    (viii) Fencing.
    (ix) Ancillary works.
  9. Construction of a New Jetty at Agalega
    Agalega has neither a harbour nor a proper Port where vessels can berth for loading and unloading of cargo and passengers.
    Vessels have to anchor in the deep sea. Passengers and cargo are transported to the jetty via barges. Such an exercise is a very traditional one and is dangerous especially when the sea is rough.
    It is proposed to construct a T shape jetty of 150mts long from the shore. This will enable vessels to berth where embarkation and disembarkation would become easy.
    Similarly such processes will take less time and huge amount can be saved from chartering of vessel.
    A provision of Rs 127,500,000 is earmarked for Year 2014 under the items upgrading sea and air transportation and other infrastructure for Year 2014 and the amount of Rs 396,500,000 earmarked whether for Year 2014 a provision of Rs 197,500,000 is made thus totalling Rs 721,500,000 spread over 3 years
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