Projects 2014

It is also important to note that for the year 2014 the following projects are in the pipeline:

 Key Projects for Year 2014
Total Estimated Costs
Ø  Construction of four Duplex type quarters to accommodate eight families.
Rs’ 6.0m
Ø  Equipment
Rs’ 9.0m
Ø  Warehouse + Cold Room (to provide regular and good quality goods to the inhabitants).
Rs’ 4.5m
Ø  Fire Fighting shed construction to house the newly purchased fire fighting vehicle + renovation of buildings.

Rs’ 3.0m 

Ø  Improvement of sewerage system.
Rs’ 1.0m
Ø  Additional shipping costs.
Rs’ 23m
Ø  Internet facilities
Rs’ 5m capital cost + Rs’ 4m annual running cost.
Ø  Airstrip and Sea Connectivity.
Rs’ 750m over next 3 years.
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