A lot of progress has been made over the years. As a result, during the past years the following major projects have been implemented at Agalega to promote the socio-economic welfare of the inhabitants.
(i) Construction of houses for the employees of the Corporation and for Officers of Ministries/Departments posted at Agalega: The housing project initiated in 1996 was to get rid of slums that previously existed and to give way to nice concrete dwellings. Since April 2008, Government has leased the houses and the land.
(ii) Construction of a refugee centre of 4,400 sq feet on a height of 15 feet above sea level on North Island.
(iii) Purchase of new coconut crushing machine. Here it is interesting to note that on the proposal of the Corporation, the Mauritius Research Council carried out a study for the use of coconut oil to run tractors and generators. The result has proved positive and it is proposed, after some modifications that all tractors and generators would be run using coconut oil, thus reducing our dependency on fossil fuel.
(iv) There are three Community Centres, one on each island, equipped with parabolic antenna, which enable the inhabitants to receive MBC TV1, TV2 and TV3 as well as radio programmes. There is also a library in each of the islands.
(v) Water used is from rain water collected from roofs of buildings stored in fibre glass tanks for drinking purposes and underground water from shallow wells for other purposes. The Corporation is also envisaging setting up a mini treatment plant in the near future considering the low water table in Agalega.
(vi) Since December 2005, electricity is provided to the three villages of Agalega on a 24-hour basis. The Corporation is considering reactivating the solar system which exists on the island.
(vii) The evolution and strong influence of mobile cellular phones is a showcase for the social and cultural impact of technology. With the launch of cellular services in Agalega almost everyone can talk and SMS.
(viii) There are two nurseries and two pre-primary schools in Agalega, run by the Corporation. As regard primary schools, each island has one. The students after their CPE examinations come to Mauritius for secondary education. They live with foster parents, relatives as well as in foyers.

(ix) Since 2016, the Secondary School runs Form IV and subsequently Form V in Arts side. Also, at the beginning of each academic year the Corporation provides each student with uniforms, shoes, bags, books and a stipend of Rs 2,000 monthly is allocated to each of them to cater for their meals during school days for those studying in Mauritius.


It is also worth mentioning the recent realization of the following projects:-
  • 10 Duplex Quarters for the Agaleans
  • Two new bakeries for the inhabitants
  • Onion (Bio) plantation
  • Positive and Negative Cold Rooms on each islands to store perishable goods.
  • Internet connection on both islands
  • Construction of Airstrip and Jetty which have started in 2016.
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