Projects 2011

Upgrading of Agalega airstrip

Tender documents were forwarded to the Central Procurement Board

Renovation Works

  • Two buildings in South Island, Agalega which were in an abandoned state will be renovated by labour force of the Corporation.
  • Some building materials have already been shipped – iron bars, cement and poles.
  • Works are expected to start in July and would be completed by November 2011.

NCG Quarters

  • A building of an area of 2200 sq.ft. financed by the NCG to be used as Quarters cum office is nearly at completion.
  • Construction works are being undertaken by the Corporation’s labour force.


Contract for the construction of two (2) barges has been awarded to GRNW Boat Yard. One such barge has already been constructed and works i.r.t the 2nd barge is expected to start in July 2011.

The two barges would be shipped to Agalega in November 2011

Purchase of Equipment

Quotations have already been launched for the purchase of the following equipment to be used at Agalega:-

 One unit Dehusking machine
 One unit Deshelling machine
 One unit Paring machine

Closing date for receipt of tenders is 5th August 2011

Management is proposing to send the above mentioned items to Agalega by Nov. 2011One unit Grinding Machine.

​Construction of Labourers Quarters

Bill of Quantities has already been prepared. Building materials for three quarters will be shipped by August 2011 Voyage.

Expression of interest will be launched soon

EWF Project

EWF will submit its project write-up to the Corporation

​Computerisation Head Office

The Corporation sought financial assistance from the Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) to computerise the activities of the Corporation both at Port-Louis and in Agalega so as to facilitate and improve data transfer of information. ICTA has responded favourably and has approved the funding of part of computerisation project to the tune of Rs2m.

​Refuelling Pump for Dornier Plane

A new refuelling pump would be purchased. Approval of the Board has already been received to that effect in the 179th Board meeting held on Monday20th June 2011

​Refugee Centre – South Island

Similar to that of North Island, a Refugee Centre will be constructed at South Island of an area of 4400 sq.ft.

Project request form has already been sent to our parent Ministry for funds


Upon the recommendation of the Consultant, GIBB (Mts) Ltd the above firm has been contacted to transport contaminated-free fuel for aviation purpose at Agalega after the upgrading of the Agalega airstrip

​MID Fund

The Maurice Ile Durable Fund is currently working on a project to finance individual solar system of 2 kw per house at Agalega

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