Operational Administrative

The administration and control of the affairs of the Corporation is vested in the Outer Islands Development Board. The present Board is constituted as follows:
a)    a Chairman
b)   a representative of the Prime Minister’s Office;
c)   a representative of the Ministry responsible for the subject of  Finance;
d)   a representative of the Ministry responsible for the subject of Fisheries;
e)   a representative of the Ministry responsible for the subject of works;
f)   the Director of the Meteorological Services or his representative;
g)   the Director of the Civil Aviation or his representative;
h)   a person with experience in fishing activities;
i)   a person with experience of work conditions on the Outer Islands;
j)   a person with experience of the Outer Islands
The Chief Executive of the Corporation is the General Manager who is responsible for the execution of the policy of the Board and for the control and management of the day-to-day business of the Corporation.
The management and operations of OIDC is carried out at two different locations; namely in Mauritius where the Head Office is situated and in Agalega where mostly all the operational activities take place.
OIDC Head Office(Mauritius)
The main functions that are performed at the Head Office include general administration, accounting, internal control, personnel, purchasing & marketing and project management.
The Administration Section falls under the responsibility of a Deputy General Manager. The main tasks entrusted to the Deputy General Manager are to:
– Assist General Manager in day-to-day administration.
– Provide administrative support to all functions of OIDC.
– Supervise subordinate staff (Clerk, Office Coordinator, Confidential Secretary, Head Office Attendant etc.)
– Liaise and interact with Ministries, government departments and other organisations.
– Act as Secretary to the Board.
The Accounts Section falls under the responsibility of an acting accountant/Senior Accountant. His main duties are to:
– Advise the Board and the General Manager on financial matters.
– Prepare Annual Recurrent and Capital Estimates.
– Prepare Final accounts.
– Supervise staff working in the Accounts Section.
The Internal Audit Section falls under the responsibility of a Senior Internal Auditor. His main duties are to:
– Devise and implement internal audit control systems.
– Report on deficiencies and propose remedial measures.
– Recommend improvement to records and procedures.
– Liaise with external auditors.
– Verify accounting statements for management or statutory purpose.
– Carry out audit investigations as directed by Board.
The Project Management Section falls under the responsibility of a Development Officer. His main duties are to:
– Carry out surveys and identifying suitable development projects for the Outer Islands.
– Prepare development plans and projects according to approved specifications.
– Liaise with consultants and organisations regarding the implementation of ongoing projects.
– Coordinate with Ministries and other relevant bodies for an integrated development programme in the Outer Islands and in relation to funding of projects.
The Purchasing & Marketing Section falls under the responsibility of a Senior Purchasing Marketing Officer. His main duties are to:
– Examine requests from Agalega in respect of goods to be purchased and advise management accordingly.
– Carry out purchases and arranging for collection of goods from suppliers.
– Supervise the packing exercise undertaken by Officers of the Corporation.
– Prepare price list for goods sent for resale.
– Supervise the embarkation exercise.
– Arrange for clearing, checking, handling and storage of items received from Agalega.
– Marketing and sale of Agalega produce in Mauritius.
The Human Resource Section falls under the responsibility of Senior Human Resource Officer. Her main duties are to:
– Provide advice and guidance on the implementation of personnel policies.
– Ensure that rules, regulations and labour legislations are properly and consistently applied.
– Assist in the determination of human resource needs.
– Keep personnel records of all employees up-to-date.
– Oversee the welfare of staff.
– Ensure sound industrial relations.
The Public Relation Section falls under the responsibility of a Public Relations Officer. The latter deals mainly with the public in general – arrange for persons to travel by air and sea to and from Agalega and perform other duties relating to public relations.
The Social and Welfare Section falls under the responsibility of a Social Worker. The latter is required to, inter alia, maintain permanent contact with all students from Agalega studying in Mauritius; implement schemes for their welfare and studies; monitor the allocation of school materials/stipends to students and their guardians; and work closely with appropriate authorities and organisations for the implementation of activities regarding education, sports, culture and their integration in society.
The Registry Section falls under the responsibility of an Office Coordinator. His main duties are to provide general administrative support duties dealing with correspondence, paperwork, reception, scheduling appointments, data entry, ordering and managing office supplies.
OIDC Branch Office(Agalega)
The responsibility for the day-to-day management of operations in Agalega falls under the Resident Manager who reports to the General Manager for the:
– Administration and development of the two islands including the maintenance of order and discipline and promoting the welfare of the residents.
– Upkeep and maintenance of buildings, equipment and infrastructures as well as the coconut plantations on the islands.
– Supervision of all OICD staff on the islands.
– Monitoring of stores and shops on the islands.
– Submission of reports to Head Office (Inventory list, goods requisition lists etc.)
In Agalega, the core functions relate to general administration and field operation. Field operation includes coconut cultivation and the production of coconut oil. Management and day-to-day operations are carried out by some 160 employees.
Out of the 160 employees only a few were covered by the PRB and the rest were covered by Collective Agreement signed between Management and representatives of the employees effective from 1st July 2008.  The agreement had lapsed on 30 June 2013 and there was a recommendation therein which stipulated that all workers who were not covered by the PRB be considered in the PRB Report.
Following a Cabinet decision, it has been agreed that, on expiry of the Collective Agreement which governs the terms and conditions of employment of these Agaleans up to 30 June 2013, they be reported upon by the Pay Research Bureau. All the employees serving at Agalega were integrated in the PRB w.e.f. 1st July 2013.
These workers are categorised under the following grades:-
Foremen; Store/Indent Officer
Group I
Drivers HMU (Heavy Mechanical Unit)
Group 2
Tradesman; Gangman
Group 3
Driver; Boatmen
Group 4
Caretaker; Tradesman Assistant, Office Assistant, Childcare Assistant, Pre-School Asst., Shop Assistant
Group 5
Handy Worker
Group 6
General Worker
Group 7
Casual Workers 
The above 160 employees fall under the responsibility of the Resident Manager, Agalega.
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