Economic Activities

The islands were monetized in July 2002. The Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank has a branch in Agalega. The Corporation also runs two shops, one on each island, where the inhabitants get all their requirements.
The only resource available on the islands is coconut. With its 2600 hectares of land, Agalega has around 80,000 to 100, 000 standing coconut trees distributed over an area of 800 hectares or around 30% of the total surface area.
It is envisaged to construct a 150m long improvised jetty to accommodate the vessel at berth which will pave the way for future development of the island with respect to the following:-
(i) Implementation of other building projects including the upgrading of the airstrip, eco-tourism development, surveyance and protection of the economic zone.
(ii) Reduce risk to passengers and Port workers while unloading of cargo at anchor.
(iii) Can be used by fishing vessels to further promote the fishing sector.
(iv) Can accommodate Coast Guard and other friendly nations surveillance vessel.
(v) Can be used to attract cruise tourism.
It has now been decided that the airstrip at Agalega would be resurfaced. With such a decision ATR72 planes would land safely at Agalega and hence there would be regular movement of passengers between Mauritius and Agalega and vice-versa. Furthermore, such a decision would bring Agalega closer to Mauritius and this would enable other major development in the island namely eco-tourism.
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