About Agalega

The atoll of Agalega is situated at around 1080 km north of Mauritius and consists of two islands: the North Island and the South Island, both separated by a shallow bank of 1.2 kilometers. They cover a total area of 2600 hectares. The atoll, which has a population of 360, is mainly planted with coconuts.

Agalega’s most important activity over a long period of time was to supply Mauritius with coconut oil and copra. The atoll was once known as “La Perle des Iles a Huile”.

Up to 1975, Agalega was managed by the private sector. After that, the atoll returned under government administration and was administered by the Agalega Corporation under the Agalega Corporation Act.

In 1982, the Agalega Corporation Act was repealed and replaced by the Outer Islands Development Corporation Act to include all outer islands within the state of Mauritius other than Rodrigues.

The Outer Islands Development Corporation Act No 41 of 1982 provides the following under the item objects of the Corporation:
(a) responsible of the management and development of the Outer Islands;
(b) advise the Minister on:
(i) the development of such activities as may lead to a more economic exploitation of the Outer Islands;
(ii) the grant or determination of leases over the Outer Islands on such terms and conditions as shall warrant their optimum use.
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