One landing strip made up of compacted coal and sand is found in North Island with a small terminal building. Light aircrafts can land and take off.


No harbour exists. Ships, which visit Agalega for transportation of provisions, have to anchor in the high sea at some 500 metres from the jetty situated at St. James Anchorage, North Island.


Overseas Telecommunication facilities are provided by Mauritius Telecoms at North Island.

Internet connection facilities on both islands.


Pre-primary and Primary levels. Secondary level up to Form III. Facilities exists up to Standard VI in the “Jacques Le Chartier Government School”, North Island. After successful completion of primary education, children are admitted in Form I, MEDCO Secondary School up to Form V in Art side.


Each island has a dispensary which is run by a Nursing Officer and a mid-wife.Resident Doctors from Mauritius is permanently posted in the North Island. Any emergency case is repatriated to Mauritius via NCG Dornier flight.

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