Projects 2015 – 2017

Since 2015, Outer Islands Development Corporation fought tooth and nail to surmount the Red Zone. Over the past years, the Corporation dovetailed financial obligation.

In 2016, ten Duplex were handed to inhabitants on a turn- key basis. Two new bakeries were set up in both North and South Island. Measures were taken to insure activities and passengers on barge during embarkment and dis-embarkment operation. Passengers and students movement from South to North Islands and vice- versa were insured. The introduction of Form four at secondary level constitutes a broad vision of the new generation in the field of education.

The plantation of onion on a pilot basis was a success. In 2017, a relatively large scale has been earmarked. The inhabitants enjoyed their own production. It is expected to be spreaded over a large scale for self-sufficiency and excess be exported to Mauritius.

The arrival of Indian Experts boosts up confidence in the realisation of airstrip and jetty project. This long-expected project is a reality as research work and other similar movement are envisaged in the materialisation of the project which is due to start in a few months.

By the end of the financial year 2016 – 2017, there was no unemployment. It marked the history in Agalega. Today, workers are trained to match with future development. Pregnant women have to travel over hundreds of kilometres for treatment. They are paid an allowance during their stay in Mauritius.

A Cold Room with positive and negative compartment has been constructed for the storage of frozen and perishable items. In the attempt to consolidate suitable means of inland transport for passengers, two 15 seater Vans have been sent to Agalega. The islands comprise three 15 seater Vans; two in North Island and one in South Island.

The Maritime surveillance is carried out by National Coast Guard. The geographical location and remoteness of the island requires a meaningful role of NCG. Illegal fishing is strictly prohibited. Fisheries officers are posted on a tour of service to ensure marine environment.

Emergency flights are scheduled in times of medical evacuation. These flights are operated by the undeniable service of NCG through Dornier. Mauritius Trochetia effects four trips to Agalega. It carries food and other items to the benefits of the inhabitants.

The history is being marked when OIDC is paying University fees for an Agalean student in Mauritius at the Open University. In the attempt to prepare the young for future responsibilities, OIDC is planning to prepare similar facilities in other specialised areas to have an ever-ready population. In view of incoming projects which change the pattern of life, sustainable development is being planned to match with these challenges.​

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